Calculated measures in Power BI Desktop reports connected live to SSAS Tabular.

May release of Power BI  Desktop adds the capability of adding new calculated measures to a report when you are connected live to SSAS tabular. This is great because before this release, once you connected live to SSAS you could not make any changes to the model. Official announcement


Ideally the SSAS database has all the measures you need but now you have the capability to add new ones if you need to.

You can control the folder (table/measure group) under which the new measure shows up by using the “Home Table” option from the Modeling tab. I really like this feature as you can create copies of the same calculation and send them to different folders for ease of use.

Other SSAS related features

There is a request open for the same feature to be added for SSAS Multidimensional. Vote here:

There is another request for adding calculated columns to a report connect to SSAS Tabular live. I recently ran into a situation where I wanted to create a custom column for sorting since it was not provided in the SSAS database and I did not have permission to modify the SSAS database.







Clear Cache XMLA for SSAS Multidimensional

I often use the following XMLA code to clear database/cube/measure group cache in SSAS Multidimensional when I do performance testing between different MDX queries or versions of the same database. I am posting it here so that I can find it easily in future. You can use it to clear the cache at the database, cube or measure group levels.

<ClearCache xmlns=””&gt;





If you need to clear the cache at Database level you don’t need the lines for Cube and Measure Group. Similarly if you are clearing the cache for the whole cube you don’t need the line for the measure group.